Workplace Training

Approach Training & Consulting Pty Ltd’s Training Professionals have extensive experience in providing customised training solutions for over 60 industries across Australia and Asia. Each training program is customised and designed to meet the needs of individuals, groups, teams, organisations and associations.

Training Needs Analysis

Approach Training & Consulting Pty Ltd will undertake a training needs analysis to identify the individual goals or performance requirements needed to create efficiencies and quality of service to meet organisation’s goals and standards. The training needs analysis will be conducted prior to training commencing to ensure that training is customised to meet specific needs of our clients.

Career Development Plans

Approach Training & Consulting Pty Ltd understands the importance of staff career development as this can assist with increasing staff retention rates, increasing efficiency and profits. Our team works closely with Human Resources and Operational Managers to provide flexible customised onsite training solutions to assist staff achieve their training milestones as part of their career development plan.

457 Visa Training Benchmark A and B Requirements

Are you an employer sponsoring under the 186 and 457 visa scheme and requiring assistance with developing a training plan for your staff?

We have assisted employers to develop:

  • Benchmark A auditable plans for new businesses
  • Benchmark B auditable plans and training proposals for workplace or blended delivery options
  • Induction training

Employer sponsoring under the 186 and 457 visa scheme, you must meet the following training requirements:

  • If your business has been trading in Australia for more than 12 months, you must show you have contributed to the training of Australians. You must meet one of two benchmarks:
    • Training benchmark A: recent expenditure equal to at least 2 per cent of the payroll of the business in payments allocated to an industry training fund that operates in the same industry as the business and a commitment to maintain that level of expenditure for the term of approval as a sponsor
    • Training benchmark B: recent expenditure equal to at least 1 per cent of the payroll of the business, in the provision of training to employees of the business. The expenditure must be expenditure that can count towards the benchmark.
  • If your business has been operating for less than 12 months, you must demonstrate that you have an auditable plan to meet this training benchmark.

Training Benchmark B – 1% training expenditure requirements

Formal and structured training developed for Australian citizens or permanent residents can count towards Training Benchmark B. The employer must be able to show evidence that the training occurred through:

  • Apprenticeship and Traineeship program – evidence: training contract signed by employee, employer, apprenticeship centre and registered training organisation
  • Apprentices and trainees salaries – evidence: signed training contract, pay slips, apprentice/trainee training position contract
  • Structured on-the-job training with outcomes, timeframes and skill improvement monitored by a qualified trainer – evidence: invoice if training is outsourced, attendance sheets, assessments and program outline
  • Staff attending accredited courses – evidence: invoice / receipts for Australian Qualifications Framework courses ie Certificate III in Hospitality
  • Salary of in-house trainer employed specifically to deliver training for all the staff within the organisation – evidence: trainer job description, employment contract and pay slips
  • Engaging external training providers to deliver training to your staff – evidence: invoice for training, training proposals, program outline, certificates

There may be training activity that are unlikely to count towards Benchmark B. Please contact our Specialist to discuss your organisation’s Training Benchmark B requirements.

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