Food Safety

Approach Training & Consulting Pty Ltd’s team of qualified food safety auditors and trainers with extensive industry experience in providing auditing, consulting and training services to clients.


Our Food Safety Team have assisted clients with ongoing or once-off internal audits to ensure compliance with the organisation’s HACCP food safety program, council and legislative requirements.


Our Food Safety Team with identifying potential hazards within a food business and implementing policies and procedures to minimize those hazards.

Our Food Safety Team can assist you with:

  • Developing HACCP Food Safety Program
  • Developing HACCP templates
  • Attaining your organisation’s HACCP accreditation
  • Annual / Bi-annually / 3 yearly food safety audits


Our Food Safety Trainers are also NSW Food Authority approved trainers to design and deliver the Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) courses for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). They have also designed and delivered customised food safety training to clients from clubs, hospitality chains, retail chains, not-for-profit, healthcare and aged care sector.

Our Food Safety Trainers have designed and delivered customised food safety training to our clients:

  • Induction to Food Safety
  • General Food Handling
  • Use of HACCP templates
  • HACCP Food Safety Program
  • Annual mandatory food safety training
  • Food Safety for Seniors
  • Food Safety Compliance

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